*Work* E-Mails [Sigh]

*Work* E-Mails [Sigh]

Hi Midge —-

Thanks for your email – I spoke with Ron about meeting next Tues. on the Beige Account, but David is in New York at that time for the Bland Account. When David returns on Wed., we *might* be able to reserve Room F for their presentation to the Japanese delegates.

However, in an effort to make this much harder than it has to be, why don’t we *tentatively* schedule 8 different meeting times that RON, DAVID, the Japanese DELEGATES, you (MIDGE), myself (NANCY), HAL from PR, and LUNETTE from Marketing **might** be able to attend *if* certain forces of the universe over which we have no control collide in a way they have never collided before.

NOTE: LUNETTE has no idea what is going on and does not need to be involved in the BEIGE ACCOUNT, but I’d like to loop her in anyways to create *additional confusion*.

I just went ahead willy nilly and **reserved** Room T without consulting anyone, even though I mentioned Room F earlier in this message.

Also, in response to your ?question? about where the JAPANESE DELEGATES are staying while in Chicago, please see the ~attached agenda~ for the BLAND ACCOUNT meeting in Room P. This contains no (0) information (info.) on the JAPANESE DELEGATES hotel and in no way insinuates I “read” *your* message. Yes, Room P does *not* have a projector outlet U-wire-fi capable+outlets screening compart. dev.

When DAVID is *back* from NEW YORK CITY, he can meet RON to ‘re-view’ the SNORE ACCOUNT at HAL’s DESK then jump into BEIGE ACCOUNT with JAPANESE DELEGATES {who will be waiting} in Room 90 with #cold decaf#. LUNETTE should be present even though – and I can’t stress this enough – she has literally no idea what is going on and ***might*** not even be employed here.

INT. Day (!either! WED. or THURS. depending on MIDGE/NANCY and HAL/LUNETTE sched.). DAVID and RON approach ROOM Q4H6. JAPANESE DELEGATES sip #cold decaf#. DAVID fiddles with laptop/projector compart. dev. until I.T. is [called] by RON.

RON is too stressed out and makes no (0) effort to be personable towards DELEGATES.

I.T. does NOT show. DAVID and RON exchange **nervous glances**. JAPANESE DELEGATES “look mad”.

ENTER HAL (disheveled, with boom box). ENTER LUNETTE (confused). ENTER MIDGE/NANCY (horny).

After ***several moments*** of stale silence HAL presses PLAY on boom box. We HEAR the HOLD MUSIC played on our phones /for clients/. MIDGE *lightly* kisses NANCY’s lips. RON *begins* stroking DAVID’s penis. JAPANESE DELEGATES *begin* fucking each other on CONFERENCE ROOM TABLE. ALL have ORGY in ROOM Q4H6. BLAND ACCOUNT files COVERED in *jizz*.

Keep in mind, this is entirely dependent upon David’s flight back from New York arriving on time. You know how airlines are these days.

Kind regards,
Ext. 583