Why is Everyone Being so MEAN to Scarlett Johansson!?!?!!!????!!!!!!!!!

Why is Everyone Being so MEAN to Scarlett Johansson!?!?!!!????!!!!!!!!!


Why are you being so mean to Scarlett Johansson?! SERIOUSLY!!! I’ve had ENOUGH. She is so beautiful, she’s my hero and she is a Hollywood ICON and you are all being huge dicks about it because you are probably just JEALOUS that she was in a Woody Allen movie and YOU weren’t!!!!!

Whoever made this dumb website, Scarlett Johansson Falling Down, is just plain mean and gross!!!! WHY are you shitting on the most perfect human being ever!!!??? SHE IS PERFECT! I LOVE HER! You probably have SEWAGE FOR BRAINS AND AN UGLY FACE!!!!


You don’t know ScarJO like I do!!! Unless you actually met her WHY are you tearing her apart on the internet YOU COWARD. So she fell down ONE freaking time!! Big WHOOP! I fall down all the time and this just shows she’s a NORMAL PERSON like me. She and I could be BEST FRIENDS I SWEAR. Leave ScarJo ALONE!!! PLEASE I am begging you!!!!

omgomgomgomg she is sooooo beautifullll!!!!! her lips and her eyes and everything!!!!!!!! WHY CANT I BE HER??????????????????? Stop trying to tear down her beauty to be FUNNY!!!! ITS NOT FUNNY ITS MEAN

Has no one else ever FALLEN DOWN before?!!!!????? IT SUCKS. ScarJo already has to have her life PLASTERED SMEARED accross Tabloids and she doesn’t NEED THIS RIGHT NOW. SHE JUST GOT ENGAGED. He who shall not be named (R*** R*******) broke her heart (why would u EVER dump her????) she finally found happiness with that french guy or whatever and STOP RUINING HER LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im literally sobbing at my comp right now because of this.. life sucks

such a mean world literally all Scarlett has ever done for us is made it a better place with her acting it is literally the saddest thing i have ever witnessed to see people go out of their way to photoshop scarlett falling off a cliff or being pooped on by a llama.

rude. just, rude.

UGH I’m just done w/ this. I need to have a SCARJO FEST. like NOW. i wish Redbox still had THE ISLAND i need to honor her

THis is literally so sick and twisted and I just wanna say, to whoever did this? KARMA IS REAL. Scarlett is a powerful strong independent woman who is beautiful and YOU CANNOT BRING HER DOWN. SHE’S A GODDESS and will TRIUMPH over this INDECENCY!!!!!!!!! YOU WILL LIVE A SAD SAD LIFE AND I HOPE YOU FALL DOWN AND NEVER GET UP. NO IM NOT SORRY I SAID IT

Scarlett if u are reading this i love you – please please don’t listen to the hatred in this world about u perfect angel

yours truly and NOT lovingly,
scarjo4lyfe xoxoxoxoxooxoxxooxxoxo