Upstairs Gallery Podcast Ep. 3!

Upstairs Gallery Podcast Ep. 3!

The Upstairs Gallery Podcast is back, and it’s depressed.  It won’t stop talking about death.  But that’s okay, because death is the only sure part of life.  So here’s to living forever on the internet.

Episode 3, featuring McGriddles, a human-hair Chewbacca suit, laser guns, bugle fingers, Korn’s Life Is Peachy/Freak on a Leash cassette tape, summer plans, The Return Movement and The Awakening, Medellin, Steph’s double period, and so much more!

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People in it:

Conner O’Malley – The pride of NYC.  Go to Coozehound for all his characters and videos.

Brandon Ogborn – He wrote a play: The Tomkat Project

Morgan Lord and Anthony Oberbeck – Sweater Kittens and I Am The Horizon

Christina Boucher – She writes for the Late Live Show.

TV Screams (Steph Cook and Joey Dundale) – TV Screams have all sorts of dumb bits on the internet.

Sovereign (Mike Klasek and Clayton Margeson) – Sovereign can be seen all over town doing “sketch comedy.”

Mark Logsdon – Nicest guy in Chicago comedy!

Produced by Ben Warren

Support provided by Caitlin Stephan, Walt Delaney, and Alex Honnet