True Love

True Love

Hi world, my name is Chad Dominguez!  The last few month’s people noticed I was walking around town with a grin on my face.  That’s mostly because I was dating a beautiful and talented lady named Shawna.  My favorite thing about Shawna was her love making ability.  She offered the most exhilarating oral pleasure I ever experienced.  And we experimented in sexual positions I didn’t even know existed.  Every time I left the bedroom I felt like I had just gone through the gauntlet of love.  Making love to Shawna was also therapeutic.  Anytime I had a cold, or ailment, or anything wrong with me it all went away once I engaged sexually with Shawna.  I instantly felt better, it was like magic.  I tend to get sick quite often in the winter seasons so dating her was huge plus.  LOL.

It’s obvious winter is here by the condition outside.  You would have an easier time skating than walking outside due to how icy it is.  I’ve noticed a lot of people falling on their butts lately including myself.

Just the other day I parked my girlfriend’s car in front of Trader Joes.  As I got done paying the parking meter I noticed a man in his mid-thirties walking the opposite direction towards me with two huge bags of groceries.  He was walking quickly until he lost his footing and and flew into the air along with his groceries launching all over the sidewalk.  He landed right on the back of his head.  He hit the ground like a bag of bricks.  I was so startled that I just stared at him for a moment because he fell so hard.  I mean, he hit the ground like a bag of cement.  After he was motionless for a few seconds he started to scream “I can’t see!  I can’t see!  I’ve gone blind!”

I ran to his aide as he was crying hysterically.  There happened to be a husky cop in the vicinity that ran over as well.  The officer tried calming the man by telling him to breath slowly.  The officer then started warming his own hands by rubbing them together.  After about sixty seconds of this motion the cop placed his warm hands on the man’s eyes for about twenty seconds.  Suddenly the guy opened his eyes and yelled “Oh, my god I can see!  I can see!  OH MY GOD YOU SAVED ME!”

He continued to thank the officer over and over.  The police man’s response was… “You never lost your vision, you were just a bit delirious.  If you hit the back of your head hard enough you can lose your vision for a moment or start to see stars.  In severe cases you can even go blind.  My warm hands just helped your sensitive eyes get used to the light again.  You’re ok for now sir.”

“Thank you so much officer,” the stranger said while laid out on the pavement.

The officer crouched over the man, grabbed his cheeks, lifted his face, and smashed his skull on the cement.  The back of the man’s head split open and started gushing out blood.  The man started to yell once again “I can’t see! I can’t see!  I’ve gone blind!”

The cop walked off, got into his squad car and yelled, “Next time you scream for help make sure you actually need it you piece of shit!  YOU WASTED MY TIME!”

I was in shock.  I was in utter disbelief of what I just witnessed.  The officer’s just caused this innocent man to go blind.  All for what, to teach him a lesson?  What kind of lesson was this? I was filled so many emotions; I was angry, sad, confused.  But I knew I had one job, and it was to help this innocent man.  I wrapped his bleeding head with my North Face coat, carried him inside my Honda, and began to drive him to my apartment to help tend his wounds.

When I arrived home I told my girlfriend Shawna the whole story.  After she heard the unsettling news she walked towards the stranger and started to unzip his pants.  She pulled down his Jockey boxer briefs and began sucking his limp dick until it was hard and eventually until he jizzed in her mouth.  It only took Shawna 7 minutes to complete the job.  She was the best.  Kudos to this stranger, it usually takes me 90 seconds of oral love until I’m done popping off in Shawna’s mouth.

The man was cured.  His vision was clear and the wound in the back of his head was healed.  He went about the rest of his day with joy as if nothing happened.  It was a miracle.  These were miracles my girlfriend was capable of achieving on a day to day basis.  She had a super power that was priceless.  If the government knew about her skills they would make her a sex slave to benefit the health of all mankind.

But unfortunately after this instance I had to dump Shawna.  My jealousy and insecurity would not allow me to date a girl who put another man’s penis in her mouth while we were dating.  I know she was doing what was best for the bleeding blind man and doing what she thought I wanted her to do.  But as the days went on I grew furious over her actions.  I began to question if this made my girlfriend a whore?  If it does, what does that say about me?  Would she blow every dying bum she passes on the street?  I was going nuts!

At the end of the day I wanted Shawna to myself and only myself.  True love to me is unconditional love; one person committing themself to another no matter what the circumstances may be.  I knew that was not possible for Shawna.  She had a special talent that she needed to share with the world.  So I had to let her go.  I miss her and loved her but she was not the one for me.  I will continue to search until I find true love so that once again people can notice a gleaming grin on my face.