Sarah Palin is the New Face of Wet 'N Wild Cosmetics

Sarah Palin is the New Face of Wet ‘N Wild Cosmetics

JUNEAU, AL — Just after Garnier made Tina Fey the new face of their skincare line, Los Angeles based company, Wet ‘n Wild, made Sarah Palin the new face of their cosmetics.

Palin Wet n Wild

“Wet ‘n Wild is very excited to have Sarah Palin on board,” said a Wet ‘n Wild spokesperson. “In no way are we copying Garnier. Did Garnier say we were copying them? ‘Cause we’re not.”

Palin will begin appearing in ads all over the country starting next month, with the hopes that she will eventually be featured prominently on billboards and in magazines directly next to any Garnier ads featuring Fey.

“We swear that we had this idea way before Garnier did anything with … um, what is her name…?” the Wet ‘n Wild employee trailed off and then pretended to faint at this point in the interview.

When reached for comment, Sarah Palin stated that she agreed to get “dolled up in reds, whites, and blues” for “any company that likes gettin’ wet and gettin’ wild!”

Her publicist added that Palin plans on wearing much of the Spring 2014 cosmetic line during upcoming television and public appearances, to which the Wet ‘n Wild employee replied uncertainly, “This is so perfect for our teen demographic. Sarah Palin is super approachable and normal. She is a good role model for women who care about their self-worth, brains, bodies, and decisions.”