Jo Scott

Jo Scott has trained at iO, Annoyance, and Second City. She plays with Upstairs Gallery house teams, WiseSnatch and Seriously Unprepared as well as iO Harold team Henrietta Pussycat, Chemically Imbalanced Comedy (CIC) house team, Meow Meow Ruff and independent time Super Human. (She likes improv.) Jo is a regular player in the Holy Fuck Comedy Hour at Annoyance Theatre, where she was also in Splatter Theater, The Tragedy of Balloon Boy, Jimmy of Nazareth, Frostbite, Hardcore Dad, the annual Christmas Pageant, and several Triple Features. Jo has written three solo shows (Thankful, So Much Greener, and We Can’t Win) and won season 6 of Impress These Apes (she’ll stop mentioning that in 2014). Jo is the voice of Tom Teagan in the podcast and is working on a pilot called Family Heirloom ( with her best friend, Jeff. When she’s not improvising or writing, she’s thinking about the impending robot wars. Lastly, Jo loves using one-word sentences: Word. Believe. It. Is. Happening.