Aarón Alonso

1. Aarón Alonso was born and raised in Juárez, México, a border city with El Paso, TX.
2. Aarón presents his and your monthly solo acts for everyone at the Kill All Comedy movement.
3. The acts do not repeat themselves.
3a.) They are ongoing experiments and works in progress.
4. Kill All Comedy is where you will find the acts.
5. Aarón Alonso would love to see you here because he wants to share something special with you.
6. Kill All Comedy is a welcoming environment.

* After studying, writing, performing, and observing improv, sketch, and narratives in Chicago for nearly 3 years, this style of act was born which has set him aside from the general and conventional framework of sketch and comedy in Chicago. In 2012 he finished a ‘Clown’ summer intensive at École Philippe Gaulier in France which is also affecting his work.

Thanks for supporting the movement. Come and have all the fun with us 🙂