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If you’re a hard-working American who is sick of garbage sunglasses, these glasses are for you. Protection against any harmful UV rays and chemicals used in chemical warfare.  Don’t let any mongrel take away your god-given right to sight. These babies are also armageddon-tested and approved. Worn by ben afflick in armageddon.  24/7 eye protection against all things under the middle eastern sun.

Choppers Night Vision Yellow Lens—Protect against Y2K!


jessie-james-yellow-sunglasses  casualDG EYEWARE


  • Chopper style provides comfort  on your hog
  • Yellow colored UV protection lens. Can’t bust ‘em
  • The sides have Choppers written on it, baby
  • Designer stylings at budget prices. I can’t go lower if I tried!!!!
  • Sick frames. Period.
  • Measures 5 and 1/2 inch’s from temple to temple.
  • Be sure to check out  all the different styles and colors in my Ebay store.

Should you have any issues with your purchase. Please email me before placing feedback. I have excellent customer service. I will do everything for you.

DG Eyewear is a registered trademark and not affiliated with the Italian D & G brand. These sunglasses are not the designer D&G sunglasses made in Italy.




About 10 years ago I purchased my first computer originally for business reasons. At this time I sold new and used cars for a living. Like most people learning the computer was slow going. I almost immediately found out how to gamble online and I got hooked in chat forums. I spent hours online and it ruined my life.  I spent my honeymoon at the hotel chatting to 30 somethings who posed as my friend-turned out they scammed me for every last dime I owned and my wife left me the next month.  One good thing about the internet was that I came across eBay’s auction site. I purchased two or three items through eBay and right then I was fukkin hooked. My older brother was selling sunglasses and other NASCAR items out of the garage. He gave me a few different styles of sunglasses to list on eBay. The first 6 months my sales were kind of slow. I sold two pairs but one was returned from some 10 y/o buyer who tried to tell me he never wore the glasses and they came to him broken. Im not stupid and I could see the fingerprints on the glasses and paint chipped away. O well you have to spend money to make money my brother sed and so I lost that pair down the garbage. I was so pissed but The longer your in business, The better you become. After spending every last penny I owned, I made two small changes: trust no one and learn to type 135 wpm. From that point on, My sales nearly doubled. I decided to retire from car sales and go full time with eBay. The freedom is second to none.

The automobile business has shown me how important customer satisfaction is. You are to treat every customer as you want to be treated yourself. I ship within 24 hours of receiving your payment. If your item arrives broken or defective, You will receive a full refund Including shipping and handling charges. No bullshit. If you find a different deal that is too good to be true, it probably is. People are waiting to scam you online and will stop at nothing to destroy the life you made for yourself. You animals know who you are-scum of the earth. If you are tired of this, these glasses are for you. Visit my store for more deals on chopper gear and hog swag.


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THANK YOU FOR VISITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!