Movie Pitches!

Movie Pitches!

Hey guys and gals! Carmen here and I’ve got awesome news!  I just signed a deal with Paramount, they hired me to write ten movies over the next ten years!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I’m so friggin excited!  Here are the synopsis’s of a few flicks I’m pitching to the studio.  Shoot me a message back and let me know which ones you want me to make most!  Thanks!  

Title:  The Circle of Life
A teenage mom drops her son off in front of an orphanage deeming herself unfit to raise a child at the young age of 16 and more interested in pursuing her modeling career.  Flash forward 20 years later, the abandoned boy has grown up to be a heartthrob thespian who falls in love with an older women who stars opposite of him in a Hugo Boss Ad.  What will happen when this boy finds out he has fallen in love with his mother?

Title:  Dirty White Sheets
Two leading members of the Ku Klux Klan become extremely inebriated after a night of rallies and cross burnings.  After the nights festivities they stay together in a cabin realizing they have a deeper connection than friendship as they experiment with homosexuality.  Follow them on a journey and see if they can keep a secret a secret or if they will stand up for true love. 

Title:  Chicken & Money
A young bank robber finds himself in a bind when he discovers he is accidentally robbing a KFC rather than a Bank of America.  All the KFC employees are ex-convicts and the least bit scared of the amateur robber.  They lock him in the KFC and teach him the trials and tribulations of committing crimes in this coming of age movie.    

Title: Orange Juice Non Fiction
The lives of a Kinko’s customer service rep, a wal-mart cashier, and a pair of Aflac salesmen intertwine in four tales of violence and redemption. 

Title: Dazed and SO CONFUSED!
It’s the last day of school and annual hazing between incoming freshmen and new seniors is taking place.  The only caveat, all the freshmen are aliens.  See how the seniors will adapt their old tricks of paddling and egging when go head to head with these blood sucking creatures.   

Title:  Big Stacks  
This love story shows the courage and heart of a Wall Street business man and his trophy wife.  As the business man is off to work, his wife stays home and indulges in an array of savory and sweet snacks day after day.  On this journey we see her weight sky rocket from 140 to 975 lbs.  Watch the man stay by his lady despite the criticism of his hotshot , slicked back, hair friends.

Title:  Were All Evil
When jihadist terrorists kidnap New York mafia leader Dino Dontello for ransom, the American government is exposed for its illegal business relations with the Italian mob including the plotted murder of John F. Kennedy.  American citizens upraise as decades of secrets are unveiled by the terrorist group in this fast paced action comedy. 

Title:  Orange Juice Non Fiction
A soda salesman, a milk boy, and a hair stylist are all suspects when the vice president is gutted, in this “Who Done It?” flick.