LAST STTRAW for help!


HelloThis message will come a shock to you for we not met befor this.  BUT I TELL YOU THIS if you have any humanity dignity you shall contenue to read!

my life has been one hell afetr another. Once my ded husbands brother left with all of my widow, money.  thelast I hear he is living a life and giving money to sins in asia.  Now I sadly sit downtrodden and I can no longer stand the sight of mine children. ? to me they eat me out of hell and home. Very needy vile beasts but really they are gjust looking for a good life they are

so I must result in giving them to anyone.

\It is by the grace of God that I received Christ, having known the
truth, I had no choice than to do what is lawful and just in the sight
of God for eternal life and in the sight of man for witness of God

PLEASE have you interest in my babies..I bet you will love to have my babies..i am surprise that the whole world has turned on me. Not even a fear of God anymore  what a shame. >Well I am actually among the people that wakes up in the morning and pray to God to change the the evils for better because Hell is hotter than Sun.1!!

Really there are some many crooks going on out there!!..but i want you to know that my babys are availablely for you,also am very excited to let my babies join your home because you really so sound so caring to me and i can see it in mine own eyes that you can`t wait to have my beastss in your home..So go get back to me with your full name and home address with the nearest airport to your home so that i can send it to the shipping agent will ship all them babies to you..we shall work out their fee upon arrival. Right now it is all too important to take them off mny hand for my mind wnaders//even now! Also do make sure you take good care of my babies as soon as yoou received. …especialliy littlest Danny the beauty.

.So let me know which one you shall keept and then send the rest back. Know that if you can keep the m all, this is truly what is best. For if some of the mutts return they will surely meet deth.


GOD Thanks and God bless you.
Awaiting for your mail asap as I grow angryer