God I beg help!!>

God I beg help!!>


that this masage will come as a suprise to you but after much consideration i decided to contact you,!!!!!  before we proceed, i don’t know if i have introdufed  to you, I am Kingsley Adomi citizen of world>.

I am not safe and SEEK YOUR HEPL!.  my derange  mother is ded as a damn dog  and recently My Beloved Dad join his ancestors though the hand of his wicked brother who call him self my uncle but has turn to be a lion over night to me.!!!

my father before death was a chairman of hospitol for the mental fools. He put me through school!/ but i stop school after his dead because uncle decided to poison me just for nothing sake,?. As am writing you now, me brain drowning !!and all my hope and dream of future was shartered and spread to the sky!!!

My father has with the bank USD 7.5MILLION DOLLARS, and i don’t know about this.  it was on the 10th of october last year that our family asia lawyer from china town kindly hand over to me the documents .Meanwhile i don’t know what actually what to do with this money here because my life is in danger and with sharted brain and life, o help! white sire!!

Please it is a long story that if i start to narrate now, you will be shedding tears over there but i will give you more details in your next mail please kindly bear in mind that i need you to help me out of this . and I need to start a new life with you. Now.

Dear Please . Thanks once again and hello to your blessed family.



K Adomi


IraqPsychCSchneidNS0001-2  this mine eyes now after the poison hit !no w you see the serious