Get a FREE Lorraine DuPage Cassingle!!!

Get a FREE Lorraine DuPage Cassingle!!!

Check out the cassingle for my new character, “Lorraine DuPage, the elderly lady who leaves answering machine messages on her daughter’s home phone.”  This character is taking the nation by storm (just like Lorraine DuPage is taking her daughter’s answering machine by storm…give it a rest, Lorraine!) and now you can have the FREE CASSETTE SINGLE, Lorraine’s very first publicly released material.

With the thrilling A-side “I Wasn’t Invited To My Neighbor’s Birthday Party” and the experimental but poppy B-side “I Bought a Dog But I Already Lost It,” Lorraine is set to be the summer of 2013’s reigning queen of the charts.

Made of clear red plastic and 3 minutes long on each side, there are only 24 cassettes available, so claim yours quickly!

Email to claim your FREE cassette single, and come pick it up at the July 3rd Kill All Comedy show at the Upstairs Gallery, or tell me where to drop it off or mail it.

It helps if you have a cassette tape player so you can listen to it.

This is a very serious deal, and it is very real.  This will NOT have an online release and bootlegging the audio from cassette to digital format is EXPRESSLY FORBIDDEN and VERY ILLEGAL.  Violators will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law as soon as I can find money to hire lawyers.