FRIENDS: The One Where Ross and Monica Are Siblings

FRIENDS: The One Where Ross and Monica Are Siblings

Hey guys, here is a cool epi of Friends what I wrote.  If anyone knows these Friends guys, give them my email address –

Okay, open on Cafe.  Joey and Rachel are drinking lattes when Ross enters.  He looks disheveled and distraught.

JOEY: Hey Ross.

ROSS: Oh no, I think I did something bad.  I think I slept with Monica.  Monica is my sister and a member of our group of friends.  I slept with her oh no.

RACHEL: Nag nag nag

ROSS: Shut up, Rachel.  Did you hear what I said?  I smushed my naughty parts with my blood related sister.  Her name is Monica and you live with her in New York City.

RACHEL: Oh yes, I know Monica.  Ew your sister!  You know what that means.

ROSS: What?

JOEY: We all sleep with Monica?

[Audience laughs]

RACHEL:  No, Joey.  It means that you have to kill yourself.

ROSS: What?  Me?  I have to kill myself?

RACHEL: Yes, of shame.

JOEY: Can we watch?

[Audience laughs]

ROSS: Yes, you can watch.  [looks out to audience]  You all will watch.  Let me get this gun–