10 Mind-Bending Places You Can Post This List

10 Mind-Bending Places You Can Post This List

This is a list of places you can post this list! Trust us, after you’ve read THIS list, you’re going to want to post it. Good thing it is a list of ten places you can post it (this list). Get posting!


1. Facebook

See how many likes and comments this list gets – the more it gets the more other people will use this list to find out where to post this list.


2. Twitter

Get tons of retweets and new followers by posting this list – because that is how human worth is measured!


3. Pinterest

This list is sure to be re-pinned once you put it on your list board – maybe you’ll inspire another creative person to make their own list board. 🙂


4. My Space

This list item is funnier than the other list items because it is not as relevant – but it is cool to make fun of it – so does that make it relevant?


5. Instagram

Add some cool hashtags and emojis as the caption for this list – see how many likes you get and try to distinguish if people liked it because of the filter or the content.


6. LinkedIn

Professionalism can be fun too – see how many people congratulate you on a list well posted.


7. Tumblr

Nothing feels better than a reblog from your followers – if one follower doesn’t reblog this crazy list, unfollow them. They deserve to die.


8. WordPress

Improve your readership and see what kind of feedback you get from this list – take every comment to heart.


9. Craigslist

Even people looking for broken IKEA chairs and topless women need a break to read a quality list now and then.


10. Refrigerator

Use a brightly colored plastic magnet to stick this list to your refrigerator so anyone who opens the fridge can read it and know that not only is it a list, but it was posted somewhere!